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Photoluminescent PVC rigid board

It is a photoluminescent sheet made of hard plastic, nontoxic and harmless, doesn’t contain any radioactive elements, and is characterized by quick light absorption, longer afterglow and longer service life.

This photoluminescent PVC rigid sheet is produced by mixing photoluminescent powder with several PVC resins under specific process. It features quick light absorption and long afterglow duration, and takes the lead in luminance performance among all its peers.


(1)We can provide tailed service to meet with customer’s specific requirements on different thickness or dimension

(2)Provide backing adhesive as required by the client;

(3)OEM is permissible.


(1)Photoluminescent PVC rigid sheet made from PVC plastics can resist flame to some extent.
(2)Able to resist salty solution and detergent (can be washed with detergent);
(3)Functional in heat and coldness at the temperature range of -20 to 60 ℃;
(4)Excellent physical and mechanical properties

Application Scopes

Photoluminescent PVC rigid sheet can be cut into different shapes, printed through silk-screen techniques and made into fire safety markings of all kinds.

Notes & Notices for Use

(1)It should be applied to evenly spread surface at the temperature of 10~40℃. < br/> (2)Photoluminescent PVC rigid sheet surface can be printed with silk screen pattern or word to have a substrate glow effect.
(3)To guarantee the luminance, photoluminescent PVC rigid sheet of same series will have color difference with respect to different lots.

Package & Storage

(1)Package: existing in sheet, externally packaged with plastic film

(2)Storage: stored in ventilated, dry, and cool warehouse at an ambient temperature of 10-40 ℃.